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Metapolls is an observatory of international voting intention trends, focused on upcoming elections anywhere in the world.

Vote intention is the variable that epitomizes political trends. Thus, by systematically monitoring voting intention we can have a firm grasp of the political situation in a country, apart of course from acquiring useful indicators about the possible outcome of upcoming elections.

Today, Metapolls gathers, standardizes by incorporating only valid vote intention to specific parties or candidates (excluding undecided, blanks etc) and graphically displays in interactive graphs all published polls by all the acclaimed polling and research agencies in sixteen countries. And the list is getting longer.

Voting intention is now monitored in over 30 countries, but our intention is to expand this list as much as possible.

However, Metapolls does not only focus on first-order elections (parliamentary or presidential) but also on other types of elections like referenda, local government elections and elections for the European Parliament.

Moreover, Metapolls has begun pooling published polls in order to offer our own, more precise Metapolls Estimates, i.e. daily voting intention estimates* in a specific country.

Today Metapolls Estimates are available for Greece, a country that for various reasons is at the centre of European political developments. Other countries will soon follow.

Metapolls Estimates can be readily available for any other country if such a request is made by a news organization, a think tank or an academic institution. So, if you are interested in obtaining Metapolls Estimates for a particular country or type of election that is not currently published on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us at

*Our method of estimate derivation borrows heavily from previously published work: S. Jackman, “Pooling the Polls over an Election Campaign”. Australian Journal of Political Science, Vol. 40, No. 4, December, pp. 499–517

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